A Plee From A Shark

By Tony Robinson, and read out by Natascha Webber from the video “Paddle-out 4 sharks”

The Plee From A Shark

I live and swim the oceans wide, I need you to speak for me

and get the humans on my side


I can’t speak your language, or understand the sin

of taking a blade to my brethren’s fin


I’m often maligned by, Hollywood and the press

but I guess, selling papers and film is what they do best


I am what I am, at the creator’s hand

I behave according to nature, in ocean not land


Sometimes I mistake you for a seal or a fish

if I could differentiate it would be my true wish


So please don’t hate me or kill my kin

for the slaughter of now is a terrible sin


Not just my kin folk, but turtle and dolphin

die in your nets both evenin’ and mornin’


There must be a better way – please say you’ll try

The ocean is begging, before we all die


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