Paddle for Sharks

6th May 2012: Over 100 people turned out for the annual paddle out in Scottburgh, South Africa.

The paddle out is in honor of all the animals that are killed in the gill nets that “protect” beaches. The most recent deaths were 5 tiger sharks and 1 white shark.

The nets are a highly unnecessary means of protecting bathers from shark attacks. These walls of death only partial cover the length of beaches and a large proportion of sharks caught in these nets are on the bathing side. “Protective nets” also catch rays, whales, dolphins and turtles.

The nets are set within a marine protected area, kind of ironic how the protection within these waters seems to be more about human life than the marine life. Why should sharks be killed in the name of human recreation. These methods are largely out dated and investments should be made into the educating the public about the conversational concerns surrounding shark populations and adopting techniques that can allow humans and sharks to use the waters harmoniously.

Its great to see so many supporters and regular ocean users standing up for the protection of sharks and not their killing.


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