Blue Sharks of Rhode Island

A really nice video of blue sharks, Prionace glauca, filmed in the waters off Rhode Island. This short video really captures the beauty of my favorite shark. This dive would be a dream for me. The video nicely portrays the calm, inquisitive nature of these pelagic sharks.

I’m lucky enough to be currently under taking my research thesis on these amazing creature. Blue sharks are the most commonly caught species of shark in long line fishing practices. They compose the highest percentage of shark fin in the Hong Kong fin trade. If regulations and protection are not put in place now, our future generations may not benefit from diving with and seeing these beautiful animals.

If the spatial dynamics of blue shark populations can be understand, conservation and management schemes can be implemented to ensure these shark are not exploited until extinction. That is really what drives me to work with these animals and encourages me to pursue a career in researching and conserving these incredible fish.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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