Hammerheads off limits to anglers

Hammerhead sharks have joined now the great white, the grey nurse and the wobbegong in gaining protection status in New South Wales, Australia. Its great to see states enforcing such essential measures and tough penalties for those that offend: $220,000 fines and up to 2 years imprisonment. Lets hope other countries and states follow suite.

Source: The Daily Examiner

On the other side of the world on South Padre Island, Texas, USA, fishermen Steven Edwards catches and kills a 10ft great hammerhead shark, despite the fact he knows that they are rare! He describes the moment as “magical”. How killing a large endangered animal can be magical i struggle to understand.

Source: The Monitor

It would be great to see the same laws from NSW implemented in US states, and instead of fishermen receiving publicity and fame for catching big sharks, they were imprisoned and heavily fine. One can only hope.

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