White shark eating blue shark

Footage has emerged of a huge white shark (18ft) stealing a fisherman blue shark catch, just 200m from Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia. I tend to watch tranquil videos of people peacefully free diving with sharks, i sometime forget how powerful these formidable apex predators can be!

Fisherman: “Shortly after catching a small blue shark we tied a rope off to it’s tail and the large great white appeared obviously attracted by the frenzy of the blue shark.”

“We were amazed as the shark bit the whole blue shark in half and proceeded to play tug of war with us with the remaining tail half. Never seen anything this big so close to Sydney and has been a real shock to the Sydney fishing and surfing community.”

Just awesome footage! A bit upset to see my fellow blue shark being recreationally caught and almost used as bait for this white shark, but the sheer power of this white shark can not be disputed!

Christopher Bird


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