50 Fascinating Ocean Facts

Although this rock we call home is named Earth, a more appropriate title might be planet Ocean. Covering a staggering 71% of the planets surface, this watery world dominates our “Earth”. Not only did life most likely originate in the oceans, they now support much of the life we have on earth today.  Providing us with air to breath, food to eat, “highways” connecting continents, jobs, recreation and leisure, the oceans really are a vital life support to our very existence. Both mystifyingly beautiful and incredibly fascinating, the oceans continue to bewilder and intrigue us.

Special thanks to the folks over at Dive.in who have put together this great infographic to seed your curiosity. If you didn’t already have an admiration for the oceans, I think you will after diving down through their 50 fascinating facts about the ocean.

50 fascinating facts about the ocean50 fascinating facts about the ocean – Graphic by the team at DIVE.in

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